Deployment Options

Have you ever considered moving to the Cloud? Advantages of the cloud deployment are flexibility, ease of access, lower up-front costs, high quality IT maintenance and rigorous security. But that doesn’t mean the Cloud is for every business.

Proponents of on-premises ERP deployment have feeling that they have more control over their property and can rely on their own expert IT departments. They are concerned with privacy, prefer to make a large initial investment to keep ongoing costs down and wish to provide their own security.

Many business owners strongly favor one model over the other. Some prefer to move to the Cloud and others prefer to leave everything on premise. More and more are choosing a hybrid solution wherein some applications are moved to the Cloud while others remain in house.

Knowing your business goals and strategies, you can decide whether your business will work better with an on-premise or cloud based ERP. No matter which way you will go, you’ll find that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is uniquely designed to give you the robust ERP qualities regardless of the method of deployment you choose.

With Dynamics NAV you have a choice to deploy on-premises or in the Cloud and you are not limited by your choice. You can have Dynamics NAV on premises today and you can move it to the Cloud in the future. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your options are not limited.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s ERP functionality will be available to you no matter which deployment you choose. Your remote offices and employees will have full, secure and reliable access to the information they need even if your NAV is deployed on premises.

Because Dynamics NAV runs on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or any private hosting system, if you do choose a cloud or hybrid solution, you can look for the cloud provider that best suits your business from both a technological and financial standpoint.