Functionality of NAV

In the past, having invested in an ERP solution, you might have had to re-engineer your business in order to suit the solution. However, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a system can be built that will encapsulate and support your unique business processes, preserving and enhancing the business advantage you have painstakingly developed. According to leading US analyst, Carlton Collins, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the best mix of ease of customisation and power of customisation available in the market.

How will Microsoft Dynamics NAV benefit my business?

You will have the platform to build an integrated management system, linking together your in-house operations, sources of supply, and customers to get the best efficiency and create better, more productive relationships.

Financial Management

The financial management adapts to match the way you work so you’ll always know the status of your business at any given moment. Much more than just a powerful accounting tool, the financials makes it easier to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities so you can capitalise on your knowledge and unearth new opportunities.

Modules include:

  • general ledger;
  • budgeting and reporting;
  • cash management and cash flow forecasting;
  • management/cost accounting;
  • fixed assets;
  • receivables and payables;
  • consolidation and intercompany transactions;
  • basic human resources;
  • jobs;
  • multicurrency;
  • resources.

Analytics and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers the flexibility, reliability, and usability you need to analyse and evaluate your business. This solution allows you to attribute characteristics to the information you record and use in your daily work, giving you the power to ask searching questions about your business and act upon the answers.

You can seek more effective ways of doing business, develop your analytic tools in an easy way and base important decisions on reliable information.

Modules include:

  • advanced dimensions;
  • XBRL.

Inventory and Order Processing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV combines effective order and inventory management processes with advanced warehouse management functionality to deliver operational efficiency to your business, giving you the power to act more responsively to your customers’ demands, improve your customer service, and reduce your inventory and distribution costs.

Modules include:

  • inventory management;
  • order processing;
  • automated data capture (ADCS);
  • distribution;
  • pricing;
  • returns management;
  • inventory costing;
  • warehouse management systems;
  • shipment;
  • delivery.

Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers integrated sales and marketing functionality to help you focus your activities on preferred customer segments. It will empower you to improve the quality of every business interaction meaning more successful sales and marketing methods in order to sharpen your competitive edge.

Modules include:

  • contact management;
  • contact classification;
  • campaign management;
  • opportunity management;
  • task management;
  • document management;
  • interaction log;
  • contact search.

Service Management

Service management makes it profitable for you to deliver superior customer service by allowing you to meet and exceed customer expectations thus ensuring customer loyalty. You can place tighter controls on your costs, organize your service resources for maximum efficiency, and profit from existing customers by providing better service levels.

Modules include:

  • service item management;
  • price management;
  • order management;
  • contact management;
  • planning and dispatch;
  • job scheduling.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you with the tools to effectively manage your manufacturing processes, including production orders, bills of material, supply planning and capacity requirements planning. It will allow you to improve your business performance through efficient manufacturing processes and take advantage of new revenue opportunities by responding faster to change.

Modules include:

  • production orders;
  • bill of materials;
  • supply planning;
  • demand forecasting;
  • capacity requirements planning;
  • manufacturing costing.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a free tool available called Easy Security Light. Easy Security Lights adds the following functionality to Dynamics NAV:

  • Record a snapshot (backup) of all user permissions. This means that your IT administrator can easily and painlessly restore previous versions of a user’s security permissions.
  • Copy security permissions from one user to another user. This makes it faster to configure security.
  • Use SQL profiler to automatically ‘record’ user permissions. Basically, this means that new security sets can be created automatically and on the fly without trial and error.

Further Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It is tightly integrated with familiar Microsoft desktop applications and works on every device. The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is optimised for tablet devices, with a free app available for download from the Apple Store, Windows Store, and Google Play. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also is available in Office 365 and on Microsoft Azure with a subscription licensing model. Another recent feature is that Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now integrated with Microsoft Social Listening.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV works smoothly with other leading Microsoft products and technologies to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and increase business insight for small and medium-sized companies.