Warehouse Management

Advanced warehouse management is carried out with the accuracy of the container. Containers are used in the receipt and storage of the stock, as well as collection. In order to optimize the use of space and the process of sampling, it is also possible to shift stocks between containers. The system generates warehouse instructions for pick-up and deferred processes carried out as a result of sales, purchase, transfer, return and production order (in addition to service orders). This functionality works with the functions of Depositing, Stock receipt, Collection and Warehousing.

Receipt and Postponement of Stocks

Storage functionality in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system enables the implementation of receptions and postponements related to purchase orders, orders for sales return and transfer orders (entry). In principle, the admission processes include two main activities, such as: taking stocks at the unloading site and putting the stocks away in place of storage.

Downloading, Issuing Stocks

The Warehouse Management feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows companies to efficiently manage the downloads and editions of sales orders, purchase refund orders, and offset (exit) orders. As a rule, the publishing processes consist of two main tasks: collecting stocks from shelves and issuing stocks from the warehouse.

Shift and Correction of Inventory in the Warehouse

During daily tasks, users are faced with the need to move stocks from the container to the container and to adjust the quantity for a given container. Companies use inventory shifts to different containers to reorganize part of the warehouse. However, quantity adjustments are required when there is a significant surplus or loss of inventories, caused for example by the finding of inventories recognized as lost or their damage.