Contact management

The key to success in marketing and sales is to make the right decisions at the right time. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV system provides constant and immediate access to accurate contact information. This contributes to better effects in terms of acquiring buyers and increasing their satisfaction.


The Microsoft Dynamics NAV software allows you to register contacts, that is all external units with which the user’s company cooperates (for example, buyers, potential buyers, suppliers, lawyers or consultants). The contacts can be both companies and their employees. However, people cooperating with the company are registered as independent contact persons.


Task management functionality makes it easier to organize activities related to marketing and sales. Defining tasks to be performed that can be associated with contacts and campaigns and assigning tasks to other users or teams registered in the system affects the optimization of the sales team. For example, the user can see the number of assigned tasks or the contact number involved in their execution. Tasks can be grouped by campaigns, sellers, teams and contacts.