Integrated Applications

Allow your client paying in the way they want to, scan documents and transfer into Dynamics NAV, cooperate with Microsoft’s wide range of products like Microsoft Excel and Outlook.

PayPal Payment Standard

Along with the development of payment services and globalization processes your customers want to use more and more modern payment methods. Many payment options, like payment through bank account or credit card are no longer enough – to meet the expectations of customer, the PayPal Payments Standard will help you to increase customer service in your company.

You can easily put PayPal link in PDF document with the invoice or into an e-mail when you send sales invoice or sales order to your customer. Customer, after choosing the link, will be transferred into service page with their PayPal account. Now customer can pay for your invoice. Because PayPal is a global and reliable payment service supplier that’s why extension in Dynamics NAV is very safe and payments are on the biggest quality standards.

Advantages of using PayPal Payments Standard:

  • Faster arrival of customer payment into your bank account.
  • Multiple payment options offer to customer.
  • Trustworthy payment service.
  • The PayPal link can be added automatically to sales documents or manually by the user.
  • The PayPal Payments Standard service does not involve monthly fees or setup fees.
  • You can easily enable the PayPal Payment Standard service when and if your business requires it or disable when it is no longer needed.

OCR (Optical Character Recognision)

OCR technology is known since the beginning of 20th century. This is a technique or software to recognizing of printed and handwritten text images from scanned document or document’s photo and transferring it into digital format. There is a natural barrier for people to use such solutions when it comes to financial documents or purchase invoices. It results directly from limited trust.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you use the above technology to register information from repeatable documents, like purchase invoices. After importing documents you can teach the system how it should treat some information included in standard documents. Thanks to OCR technology and Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can create purchase lines for concrete supplier, and – if the supplier doesn’t have card – to create one.


  • Verification of financial documents before posting,
  • You can create templates of importing invoices for better adjusting and gathering information,
  • Dynamically creation of supplier if it doesn’t exist in system,
  • System is automatically taught how to treat information from documents.

Microsoft Excel Add-on

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables users to work with data from list pages directly in Excel sheets. Users can work with those data in two ways:

  • getting fresh data from Dynamics NAV and make analysis,
  • update the data in Dynamics NAV based on analysis and work made in Excel sheet.

There is also possibility to one-way cooperation with Excel sheets – action Open in Excel transfers list page directly to Excel in order to make many analysis but there is no back-way (user cannot changed data in Dynamics NAV directly).

Synchronization of Contact with Outlook

The Outlook additions allows the user fully synchronization of contacts from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. On selected hour there is automatically synchronization, which with filtering options transfer contacts from Microsoft Dynamics NAV into your Microsoft Outlook or Office 365.


  • two-ways automatization: from Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 into MIcrosoft Dynamics NAV and vice versa,
  • manually synchronization: do the synchronization manually directly from Dynamics NAV using filters,
  • you can choose specific time of synchronization – now you are sure that synchronization is taking place daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • you can synchronized selected contacts.