Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 with Polish functionality is already available!

NAV 2018 is an ERP system that will take your company to a new level, give it a new value. It will allow you to enter the path of digital transformation and expand the possibilities of organizations and employees, based on integrated, intelligent business solutions.

The era of digital transformation brings profound changes – technological evolution, business strategies as well as entrepreneurial awareness. Competition will be overtaken by those organizations that will make quick decisions without being afraid of changes and using innovations.

Entering the era of digital transformation, leaders must be aware of the challenges. The need to turn towards new solutions and business models. The answer to the needs of modern entrepreneurs is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, based on mobility and analytical tools.

In line with the new trend, it will transform your organization into a smart digital enterprise.

New functionalities:

  • The function of previewing and printing reports – Reporting functionality available in NAV 2018 allows you to display invoices, tax declarations, control statements and balance sheets directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV without the need to download files.Working with this function is very easy both from the level of the web browser on stationary devices as well as mobile devices. Data handling is possible by clicking, typing, dragging items, zooming and scrolling pages, selecting and copying text, and using links. Prints can be made directly from the browser.
  • A personalized work environment – Thanks to the tool embedded in the Dynamics NAV 2018 system, after just a few clicks the user can view data that is related to his role and scope of activity or optimize the way of entering data in the browser.

    Thanks to personalization, it is possible to:

    • moving or hiding content such as columns, fields, information windows, charts and performance indicators
    • adding new information in columns or fields
    • blocking the column so that the fields are visible when scrolling
  • Analysis of financial statements in Microsoft Excel – Users of the Dynamics NAV system who use the main commercial or accountant views may indicate which financial statements are to be available in Microsoft Excel. Reports can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down menu in the Reports section on the ribbon. The selected report can be developed not only in the desktop mode, but also in the browser in the Excel Online application. The data is connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.Users can select the appropriate report on the ribbon.

    The current version also includes Excel reports, such as:

    • Balance
    • Result account
    • Statement of cash flows
    • Statement of retained earnings
    • Aging of commitments
    • Aging of receivables
  • Reporting sales statements to the EU exceeding 9999 items – The function supports the reports of sales statements to the European Union, which exceed 9999 items. The system user should only change the maximum number of items to 9999 in the VAT report configuration window for the sales list to the EU. In the event of such a comprehensive report being submitted, NAV 2018 generates appropriate messages and then sends them to the Government Gateway portal. The results of the application are available in the journal entries.
  • Other – Facilitating the adjustment of settings to the user’s needs; creating tasks for yourself or other users; collective booking of selected documents;