Microsoft Partnerships and Competencies

Microsoft Partner Competency

You are getting a business solutions company with proven expertise when you partner with getsix Services. Only the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners have attained Microsoft competencies and we have one in Hosting.

This Microsoft competencies provide getsix Services with early access to new software and specialised technical support from Microsoft, which help us serve you better. getsix Services have met extensive technology requirements to earn this, and have demonstrated our expertise through Microsoft certification exams. Our skills, support, and knowledge have also been tested and proven by successful implementations in specific technology areas.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and helping you find the right solutions for your business. Contact getsix Services today.

Microsoft awards and recognition

Microsoft Managed Partner

Microsoft Managed Partner

getsix Services was designated as a Microsoft Managed Partner since 1st July 2015. This means we co-operate when it comes to business development. As it happens, we are also one of only a few Microsoft RAMP Partners in Poland, meaning that we have the competences to sell Microsoft Dynamics NAV Subscription Licenses.

From among all Microsoft NAV Partners in Poland, Microsoft chooses a few elite companies to elevate to the status of Managed Partner, assigning each one its own representative to work with directly. These representatives are called Partner Sales Executive for Dynamics NAV. For instance, getsix Services Account Manager in Poland is Mrs. Monika Burdach. As a Managed Partner, we have a direct line through her to all sorts of insider information on upcoming events, product updates, new releases, and promotional deals regarding the ERP Software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Proven Expertise

To be chosen as a Managed Partner, a company has to demonstrate its competences of successful implementations, and it has to have a minimum number of employees who’ve passed certification exams in their areas of competency. Many Microsoft products aren’t designed to be one-size-fits all. The real advantage of platforms like Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft SharePoint is that they’re customisable. One product can be made to address any number of unique business challenges in any number of unique circumstances. This type of flexibility can be both a selling point and a potential liability, since Microsoft has to worry about businesses blaming the products if their solutions are less than ideal even when the real issue is improper implementation. The Partner Program allows Microsoft to choose which development companies to openly stake its brand name on, so that businesses can rest assured they’re getting the most out of their Microsoft solutions.


Microsoft’s Managed Partner Program was created to help businesses determine which development companies will be best equipped to make sure they get the most out of their custom implementations, and to get the word out about the potential of products designed with a focus on user-experience over flash. The program therefore benefits both Microsoft and Managed Partners like getsix Services, but for us to enjoy these benefits the program has to begin by offering real value to the businesses we serve.

Microsoft Partner Online Services

Microsoft Partner Online Services

Microsoft Online Services is Microsoft’s hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the Office 365 suite and Intune. By using SaaS organisations reduce administrative complexity.

For example, if an organisation provides Microsoft Exchange internally, they need to take on the administrative overhead that goes with it including backups, database maintenance and capacity planning. All of those activities are handled automatically by Microsoft.

Microsoft also takes care of making sure that the system is always available. As long as clients have a connection to the Internet, they have a connection to Microsoft Online Services. As a certified partner, getsix Services can provide organisations with all services including service setup.

Microsoft Partner SPA ERP

Microsoft Partner SPA ERP

In order to help our customers with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, getsix Services have signed the Microsoft Solution Provider Agreement (SPA). This will grant getsix Services, as a reselling partner, the right to place orders with Microsoft Regional Operations Centres for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software licenses and related services.

getsix Services are a leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV accredited solution provider in Poland. We can help you harness the full extent of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s capabilities to build a fully integrated business management solution that is tailored to your needs.

getsix Services approach to ERP – In-depth expertise

getsix Services specialise in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform. We have worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since many years. Each customer we work with is unique. We will always take time upfront to understand your priorities to make sure we give you the very best for your business.

Every single one of our IT-team has specialist knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This team includes developers, project managers and support professionals – from both technical and accounting backgrounds.

Of course, Microsoft Dynamics NAV knowledge is not enough on its own. getsix Services also have in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft platform; this means we can integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with other applications such as SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Partner RAMP

We are proud to announce that getsix Services is one of the first RAMP certified Microsoft partners in Poland. This certification is required to be able to sell subscription-based licenses for Dynamics NAV!

Integrated Sales and Marketing in Czech Republic (3th – 4th December 2014) – The integrated sales and marketing part was completed at the AutoCont offices in Prague, Czech Republic, with the training supplied by Philip Rubino from 1ClickFactory.

Focal Point Workshop (January 2015) – The focal point workshop part of the training was given by Philip Rubino at 1ClickFactory, in getsix® Wrocław, Poland.

getsix Services is Member in the ‘Cloud SureStep Graduate Partner Community’!

We are a member of the Microsoft Road to Repeatability (R2R) RAMP program. We are excited for the changes coming to R2R this fiscal year including the new program name, enhanced content and strong alignment with the Microsoft Cloud SureStep initiative. We are member of this unified, single R2R community of Cloud SureStep Graduates – due to the fact that we have completed the coursework for RAMP we are well on our way to offering SMB customers repeatable Dynamics solutions in the Cloud.

Microsoft Partner SPLA

Microsoft Partner SPA ERP

The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables getsix Services to distribute Microsoft licensed products on a monthly basis over a month-to-month or single-year agreement, in order to provide software services and hosted applications to customers. Given that we are the licensee, not the customer, the SPLA can simplify software licensing. Unlike other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, the SPLA allows getsix Services to license Microsoft products for hosting.

Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licence Agreement) is the original licensing programme aimed specifically at a range of service providers. The programme enables low risk start-up, requiring no forecasting, up-front costs or commitments – you pay in arrears only for the licences you have used.

getsix Services long relationship with Microsoft combined with our industry-leading Microsoft knowledge puts us at the forefront of this SPLA programme.

Pricing is set in January and fixed for the year, providing complete transparency and predictability, although discounts are offered to charity, academic and Government partners. All licensing comes inclusive of Software Assurance, so you can be sure you’ll always have access to the latest technology.

Software included in the programme is available for licensing through two models:

  • Per user (Subscriber Access Licence),
  • Per processor (CPU Licence).