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The Employees of getsix Services

The employees of getsix Services are not only the wealth of our business, but also make us much stronger. Therefore, we dedicate valuable time and resources to constantly provide professional training to our experts.

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We focus on self-reliance of our staff, without having to impose their duties. This allows for the free operation of personal responsibilities and has a positive effect on efficiency of their work. From cost-effective point of view, this viewpoint balances individual team performances, to provide motivation within the workplace. This provides, we are told from our staff, a great atmosphere, which proudly provides us with very small staff-turnover.

Dynamics NAV Team

Claus Frank
Sebastian Możejko
Head of IT Dep. / Senior IT Manager
Rafał Stróżyk
Senior Software Engineer / Consultant
Maciej Stodolny
Software Engineer / Consultant
Daria Pisula
Junior Software Engineer / Consultant
Karina Szepczyńska
Junior IT Administrator
Katarzyna Rogowska
Junior Software Engineer / Consultant