Technology Partners

According to getsix Services ‘Business Model and Visions’ we are combining and integrating the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Cloud Computing (SSAS), and Business Process Management (BPM), along with forming sophisticated and modular solutions for our customers, this is the basis of our business model. This will help our customers to receive ‘value added’ services, instead of using each of these solutions from a different vendor.

getsix Services ‘Corporate Principles’ are defining how we want to archive our above mentioned visions. getsix Services ‘Technology’ uses our essential components within our getsix Services ‘Business Excellence Framework’, therefore over the years, we have built a number of technologies and platforms, many of them flexible enough to be bolted-on to the existing technologies of our customers.

The following technology companies helping us to realise our visions and to provide best in class services for our clients. Please also follow the respective links to learn more, for which specific functions we use such technologies.

Our Technology Partners