NAV Integrations

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to sync data between your ERP and other systems.

Integration eliminates manual data entry. There’s no need to enter the same data over and over again. When you enter data into one system, data automatically syncs to your other systems as defined by your rules.

Integration improves your data quality. You avoid human mistakes like typing mistakes and incorrect spellings. Integration ensures that quality data makes it to all of your systems.

There are two primary ways of integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV with other applications. The first is via API and allows bidirectional communication between Dynamics NAV and third party software. These APIs are typically developed and maintained by the software application provider.

The second is building a custom interface using XML ports. This involves a system administrator putting NAV data into an XML format for exchange or integration purposes.

We have experience in integrating / exchange data between NAV and external products such as:

  • Dynamics NAV -> SAP,
  • Dynamics NAV -> KOFAX,
  • Dynamics NAV -> Sharepoint,
  • Dynamics NAV -> Dynamics CRM.