HR & Payroll Module for Polish Companies

Human Resources and Payroll module is functionally designed for constantly changing law regulations in Poland, especially regarding Labour Code. Human Resources and Payroll module provides possibility for the user to manage data of employees in company, like creating personal files, managing of worktime and absences, creating and adjusting of payroll components, generating of bank transfers, creating all kinds of payroll documents.

Very important aspect of Payroll and Human Resources module is personal data protection. Access to this module have only permitted and authorized persons. Awareness that all personal information are sensitive data makes that this module prevent from misusing by third parties for fraud or identity theft. This module is supported by special roles which could be assigned to every kind of user – from regular HR Accountant to HR & Payroll Manager.

Personal Files

Personal file gives detailed information about each employee. User can view those information from list of personal files with every employee in the company. List view can be modified by selecting necessary columns.

Personal file contains information about employee’s addresses, vacations, etc. From personal file user can calculate vacation, viewing information about payroll components, worktime and absences of selected employee.


User can calculate real time of work of selected employee or get information about worked days, worked hours. Data can be filtered by departments or dates.

In this part of Payroll and HR module user can also register absences, over hours, worked night hours. There is also possibility to import data from external applications which f.e register real-time worktime.

Page with selected employee’s absences delivers information about sick leave, vacation, unexcused absence. User is able to view and enter all kinds of absences.

Payroll Components

Payroll components are components used in salary lists. Data can be viewed or modified. Each user with appropriate permissions can freely define the new components or customize existing ones according to its own needs.

Adding and customizing own components like bonuses and extras is very easy and intuitive. User is able to analyse calculating formula and in case of finding some irregularity – correct it manually. This option ensure that payroll list is calculated correctly without any errors.

HR & Payroll module is a kind of open module, which means that some elements of its functionalities are designed individually by the user. This cause that module can easily adapts to individual needs of the user.

Salary Lists

HR & Payroll module provides a lot of key options which are necessary in generating and booking salary list. User is able to create templates depend on kind of salary list – separate template for full-time employees, contractors or managers who are hired in companies as a contract employee.

Salary list can be repeatedly modified during generating before final booking but there is also option to correct already closed salary list. Finished salary list in a collective tabular form or in a payslips form give clear and logically grouped information. If necessary, printouts are configurable.

A very important advantage, which HR and payroll module provides, is the possibility of sending payrolls. A correctly generated payroll list becomes the basis for creating and sending via e-mail payslips to employees on the e-mail address provided in the card – saving time and limiting other costs, eg printouts and postal charges.

Bank Transfers

Module gives option to generate file with bank transfer for selected salary list. File can be generated in selected form – (ELIXIR, MT101, XML, etc.) in case of bank settings. Generated file can be used and imported into online bank system.


HR & Payroll module ensures the user the possibility to generate full range of payroll documents connected with the employee like:

  • employment certificate – user is able to view, create, modify, print, correct if necessary,
  • employment contract,
  • termination,
  • change of work’s conditions – user can generate data and print in 3 versions,
  • income statement – for bank, etc. – 3 versions available,
  • and more documents:

employment information, information for new employees, Social Security income statement, calculation of pension, industrial safety notification, settlement of business journey – car, all Social Security declaration (can be exported into official Polish Social Security software), PIT forms for employees. The whole – which is app. 100 reports – gives a lot of possibilities for downloading data from the system. Open architecture of the module allows for its further development.

HR & Payroll Module has Earned the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Accreditation

The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program identifies third-party solutions that have met Microsoft’s highest standards for Dynamics implementations. Earning this logo assures technology decision makers that our solution:

  • was developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor,
  • was designed for a unique business and industry need,
  • has been tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics,
  • has been used and recommended by other companies,
  • is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain,
  • is properly supported and protected.

Module is available in Polish language, meets industry, tax and law requirements, works according to Polish Labour Code.

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